Canton Work Space is excited to officially announce that we are moving!

As of Oct. 30th our address will be

Canton Work Space
200 6th St. NW
Canton, OH 44702

We’re sorry about the short notice but some things moved slower than expected and other moved much faster.

The new space will have a lot of benefits for all of our members including:

  • Being on the First Floor!
  • Visitor Parking!
  • More Affordable Monthly Parking!
  • Street Signage!
  • Our own Bathrooms!
  • More Affordable Coworking Rates!
  • And More Space! Including:
    • Larger Kitchen!
    • Larger Conference Room (It’s now a conference/event room)
    • More Coworking Space
    • Wider Hallways!

I hope everyone is as excited for this change as we are. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact Neil Weakland at 330-826-1577 or [email protected]

If you need a change of address form, we have them available at Canton Work Space on top of the mailboxes.

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